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Art & Music 
on the Plaza

Experience the fusion of art and music as artist Alex Puryear brings the rhythm to life on canvas during Art and Music on the 1st Street Plaza. Watch as each brushstroke captures the energy and emotion of the music, creating a visual masterpiece before your eyes. Don't miss this unique sensory experience that promises to elevate your appreciation of both art and music!

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Sunday, May 26

1 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Music By: FLEX Trio

Saturday, May 25

1 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Music By: 13 Days



Located on the 1st Street Plaza

About Alex Puryear

Explorers mixed media material that are subjected not only to the weight and gravity of the physical world but also escaping into the surrealist realm. My approach and evocative scenes features faces and gestures collided to creating a dream perception of another world, color choices and experimental painterly gestures/technics help with the juxtaposition of each piece. Overall, my work explores the universal experience of existing in various artistic styles.

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About 13 Days

13 Days has been playing throughout the Fox Valley since 1998 when Jake Brens and Ben Provencher put together a list of their favorite artists and got busy learning some songs. They quickly learned that they had something special with their simple arrangements and rock solid vocal harmonies. Ben and Jake have played hundreds of shows for all types of crowds. Their shows are fun and a little laid back, but they always bring their A game. Recently, a fixture in the local music scene, bassist Doug Wielert, has joined 13 Days to bring some added energy to their sound. You will hear many of your favorite rock tunes as well as oldies, pop, and even a little country. You won't be disappointed by their blend of acoustic rock and charming personalities.

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About the FLEX Trio

Formed in 2020, FLEX trio is composed of three of Chicago's finest improvisers: saxophonist Chris Madsen, drummer Neil Hemphill, and two-time Grammy award-winning bassist Clark Sommers. The group interprets songs within and outside of the jazz canon, putting their original stamp on works by Herbie Hancock, Bobby Hutcherson, and Jimmy Webb to name a few. To this end, their debut album Facets of Form (released February 2024) finds the musicians exploring both well-known and more obscure material. FLEX trio has performed extensively in the Chicago area at many venues and has held several residencies at Dorian's speakeasy.

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